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Rawaj has been purpose built to provide innovative services to support organizations in achieving strategic recruitment objectives. We have detailed below some of our most popular services that can be used separately or as a combined recruitment strategy:

  • End-to-End Recruitment
  • Executive Search & Headhunting
  • Advertised Selection Services
  • Talent Assessment

End-to-End Recruitment

We interview candidates in person and both their professional skills and personality are put to the test. Then we draw up shortlists for our clients. This pre-selection stage streamlines the client-side appointment process.
Key to our selection process is candidate care. We treat our candidates openly, honestly and in a timely fashion. And we make the process as streamlined and seamless as possible.

How We Work

Executive Search & Headhuntin

Executive Search is the most appropriate method to find candidates for senior and/or specialized roles or where there is a high level of confidentiality.
Executive Search (otherwise known as “Head Hunting” is used to recruit the most senior positions where such candidates will most likely not respond to advertising or upload their CVs on recruitment search engines.

Rawaj recruits and headhunts within all sectors and functions for businesses of all sizes within both the private and public sectors. Whatever you are looking to recruit/headhunt, Rawaj can help.

We have abroad network that gives us access to a pool of potential candidates.

Rawaj employs the best practices on every headhunting assignment undertaken, and delivers exceptional results.

Advertised Selection Service

Advertised Selection is designed to attract the broadest possible response through placing an advertisement in an appropriate publication.
We will advise you on which publications will be most likely to yield the desired response. We will save your time and money by designing and placing a high impact advertisement, and then screening and interviewing all of the applicants to create a short list of those who fit the requirements.
This service is more suitable for general positions where there are too many potential target individuals, and when there is a number of different sectors or geographical areas could contain potential applicants

Talent Assessment

Talent is a critical ingredient to achieving excellence. Assessing the talent you have—and the talent you need—is integral to meet and exceed the goals of your organization.
Our talent assessment solutions provide assessment and actionable feedback on your potential and current talent. The process includes recommendations on sourcing, developing and accelerating talent, and aligning performance with your business direction


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